Latex Warranty Photo Instructions

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Body impressions can be caused by a failing piece of latex or by improper use. Multiple soft or medium layers used in a bed where someone sits all day for work as well as for sleep will bow predictably. If you are using your bed as a couch, expect the top layers to wear out. Couches are usually made of firm, extra firm and hard pieces of latex, so if your bed is soft or medium, the latex is not up for the job of supporting a sitter. You will get body impressions. Those sorts of impressions are not a warranty claim.

However if your latex layers are bowing from normal use, we can process a warranty claim for you. Sometimes bowing is caused by the bed frame or foundation and not by the sleeper. Even slat beds that flex too much or have slats that are too far apart have caused a mattress to seem like it’s failing.

Please send us pictures of the failing layers so we can verify your claim. To take pictures properly you’ll need a broom stick (just unscrew it from the head) or substitute, a camera, tape measure, and a clean bed sheet.

  1. On your foundation or level ground, where you have space the size of your mattress (living room, bedroom, kitchen or even garage) lay down a clean sheet.
  2. Unzip your mattress ticking.
  3. Remove one layer of foam and place it on the sheet.
  4. Next push the edge of the sheet close to the edge of the foam
  5. Place a broom stick across any visible depression. If the broom stick has a handle, be sure to hang the handle over the edge so it doesn’t exaggerate depressions.
  6. Take a picture measuring the gaps between the broom stick and the foam but at the same time show parts of the ground to show you are shooting the layer on a flat surface and not your bed frame.
  7. Do the same to each latex slab.
  8. Email the pictures of any depressions. We are looking to see if there are depressions along where your body rests exceed ½ in one layer or 1” in all three layers.

Natural Latex Sizes and Variations

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Crib: 28″x 52″
Twin: 38″ x 75″
Twin XL: 38″ x 80″
Full: 54″ x 75″
Full XL: 54″ x 80″
Queen: 60″ x 80″
Eastern King: 76″ x 80″
California King: 72″ x 82″



Latex is very flexible and grippy.  It can be unwiedly and floppy.  When we put it on the table to cut it, we flop it as straight and as evenly as we can, taking care that we don’t stretch it.  However, occassionaly latex will have a mind of its own and despite our measuring, will measure up to 1″ different than the dimensions listed above.  While this is rare, it is to be expected and not something we will replace.  2″ or more, contact us.


Latex molds do not produce 100% the same piece of latex every time.  Not all pieces will have one of these variations, some may have more than one.  These variations were taken from two pieces of latex.

Build a Mattress with Twill Ticking

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DIY your wool mattress with Twill Ticking

  • Thickness
    At an 8 oz weight, this twill is durable reliable. Compare its thickness to a thick khaki pant fabric, though it is much softer than a brushed twill pant.
  • Strength
    This functional fabric is still quite smooth.  Because it is strong, it can withstand a tufting needle’s piercings or a mattress fill in pieces beneath it (though our Wool Mattress Pattern does instruct you how to smoothly add the wool flake).
  • Price
    Without the three layers of threads that make up a double knit, the twill ticking can beat its price making this ticking the most economical. DIYing your mattress will with our loose fills will save you store costs everywhere.
  • Thinness
    If using it for latex, it does not offer the flexibility of the knit ticking.
  • Stiffness
    If using it for latex, the thickness of the quilted ticking will rival this fabric.

If you need a calculator to help you know how much fill to create a mattress to your desired height, visit our Custom Pillow Fill Calculator.  Make sure to select the boxed rectangle tab for a mattress shape. Our wool flake product explains more about tufting and our kapok product will make your Japanese style shikibuton.

Build a Mattress with Knit Ticking

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Knit Ticking around Latex

How to Build a Mattress with Knit Ticking

  • Washable
    Preshrunk and machine washable. No longer do you have to spot clean the the ticking while it is on the latex.  Freshen your entire mattress by washing this ticking.
  • Flexible
    This knit case will flex with your body and the latex as you move. The inherent stretch of knit fabrics lets their looped threads pull apart from each other when pressure is applied.
  • Thinish
    While this double knit fabric is actually fairly thick for just one layer of fabric, those we endearingly call “latex purists” like that they can be completely absorbed by the latex with this case. Every pressure point can be entirely soothed through this ticking.
  • Price
    Having just one simple layer of fabric, this ticking is very affordable.
  • Thinish
    With its one layer of fabric, it protects the latex from dust and debris, but not from heat sources, sunlight.  It may give the latex a lesser life than the thicker quilted ticking.  To compensate for its thinness, some add a layer or two of wool batting around the latex and under the ticking. The wool batting’s thickness protects the latex and softens the latex’s bounce. Since the wool batting does not come quilted, you save the cost of the quilting and thus maintain the affordability of the knit ticking.
  • Flexibility
    As you put consistent pressure sleeping on the latex, you may notice that one slab or another starts to stretch a little farther towards the edges than the others.  The clean lines of your mattress can be renewed by unzipping the ticking and flopping the layer back into place.  A layer or two of wool batting wrapped around the latex will serve as extra strength and slightly prevent this occasional shifting.

If you need help picking which firmness of natural latex might be comfortable inside your knit ticking, check out The Banana Test post and give us a call if you have further questions.

Build a Mattress with Quilted Ticking

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Quilted Ticking

How to Build your Mattress with Quilted Ticking
  • Beauty
    With our soft double knit fabric on top, this ticking made for your DIYing will make your mattress feel and look better than your conventional mattresses. The rolling diamond quilted pattern adds a refined look to your mattress.
  • Thickness
    Its thickness serves your comfort as well as protection of the latex layers hidden inside. The less exposed to elements like heat, sunlight, and poor air quality, the longer your latex will stay fresh.
  • Wool Layer
    This 1″ layer of wool is enough to cool your sleep with its temperature regulating abilities. It is also enough to act as a flame retardant if needed.
  • Simplicity
    This is the simplest build with the most components to it.  Zip the ticking shut around the fill and you have a mattress.
  • Price
    This ticking with its two layers of organic cotton fabric and layer of wool has a lot to it, add the cost of quilting the layers together and you have our most expensive ticking.
  • Thickness
    Some find the thickness to stiffen the feel of the latex slightly. While not a significant change, those we call “latex purists’ tend to avoid the extra fabric between them and the latex.

If you need help picking which firmness of natural latex might be comfortable inside your quilted ticking, check out The Banana Test post and give us a call if you have further questions.

Is Wool Alive?

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When this herding dog saw a felted wool ball for the first time, he circled it, eying it, sniffing it, crawling up to it to nuzzle it and then backing away. He recognized the wool, but the wool did not move as a sheep does. After a while, he realized the wool was not alive, stopped herding it and had great fun with it. To be completely honest, the pictures are actually of his first exposure to a garden hose, but his owner said his initial reaction carried the same surprise and wariness.

The felt is so strong that not only did the dog not tear it up, when the wool was felted around an inflatable ball, his teeth did not puncture the ball, only the wool. His owner, Linda, said the ball is a special toy, to be taken out at certain times. While he did not tear it up at all in the short playtime with it, if given alone time with it, his teeth are strong enough to tear it to bits.

How do you get your dog to herd a ball without puncturing it? Wet felt it.

Linda and Kitty spent an afternoon with me experimenting with dog toys and wool, nylons and wet felting. They left with wool wrapped items to throw in the washing machine at home. You can see the prefelted items in the bottom right corner of the last picture.

  • a croaker (long roll in stocking)
  • a 12″ inflatable ball
  • a 1″ squeaker
  • wool balls

After wet felted, the croaker still croaked and the squeaker still squeaked. The 12″ ball did not fit in the leg of the nylon like the dryer balls do, but it did just barely fit into the waist of the stockings. You can see the funny creature with floppy nylon ears in the very bottom right of the picture.

Kitty and Linda are DIYers with Kitty traveling around the nation to dog shows selling leashes that Linda makes from braided leather.

Thanks to the New Hope and then the Golden Valley Farmers markets for introducing us.

More Comfortable Every Night

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We’re very pleased with the bed; I don’t anticipate the need to swap any of the layers.  The mattress just seems to get more comfortable every night (which I’m sure sounds weird, but really, that’s how we feel).   The mattress combo felt firmer than expected at first, but as it turns out, we both like it as it is.  It is THE MOST comfortable mattress we’ve ever had. I am not exaggerating. We love the cover and the pillows too.  Very high quality materials and workmanship.  Please pass the message on to your seamstress that we really admire the quality of her work, which I’m sure has something to do with the overall comfort.   – S.K.