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We welcome your phone calls and emails. Feel free to ask questions. We know that an informed purchase ensures satisfaction. We can custom make any bedding item or direct you to sources if you want help doing it yourself. Ask away.


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As a grassroots, home business, we welcome your ideas and your visits to one of our two showrooms, either in Lafayette, IN  (an hour northwest of Indianapolis) or in our workroom inBrooklyn Park, MN. Please call or email for an address and to confirm an approximate time of arrival. Besides trying out the samples, at our workroom in MN, you can pick up your fabric items or clearance orders and see our sewing studio in action.

We have all the firmnesses of natural latex available for you to rearrange to find the perfect comfort in our showroom of a living room, as well as samples of all our offerings. It is often helpful to lay on one to determine what firmness and comfort level is right for you.

Lafayette, IN hours

763-445-9676 (Eastern Standard Time)

Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (showroom only)
Sun: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (showroom only)

Eagan, MN hours


Call for appointment.

45 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello,

    Is it possible to request a thicker wool topper?
    If so, how much would a 5″ topper be and how many pounds of wool would you use to fill it?
    I am mainly looking at a full or queen size topper, so I’d like to know the price for both.


    1. We can make a slightly thicker topper, say 4″. If we made it 5″, you would find it almost impossible to avoid body trenches, even if you were diligent about rotating it and flipping it per the instructions.
      I will email you a quote.

      1. Thank you, kindly. I have experienced the trench in a fluffy 4”, so I want to avoid that mistake. These zabs are also used for bowing, so firmness is necessary. The one in use now for bowing is quite the pancake, so 4” seems high. Is 4” customary? I was imagining 3”, but I am new to this type of buying. Thanks so much! Kika

        1. Our Wool Topper is 3″ customarily. It is a perfect height to give you cushion and loft without lumpiness or trenching as long as you follow the care instructions the first few months. You can view the topper here.

  2. Hi,
    If you will do free shipping on the Eastern King 3″ wool topper. I will place the order as soon as I get your response. My profits are marginal too!

    thanks in advance,


    1. I’m sorry, I cannot offer free shipping, though you make pick up the topper if you are in St. Peter, MN.

  3. Hi, Is it possible to get kapok in a matted roll? I am making zabutons.
    Open to suggestions.

    1. Kapok comes matted in layers in bale. If you are open to receiving 250 lbs., then you will be able to retain its sheet like form if you peel off layers at a time. We do have wholesale pricing on the kapok and all our other supplies. Contact for pricing.

  4. Hi,

    Do you also buy wool, in rough shape?

    1. All of the wool we buy must be virgin wool, no older than 2 years old, fiber 3-5 inches long, of medium grade coarseness (generally in the 50’s micron count), from sheep of small flock farms in the US. For more details, contact us.

  5. Thanks for teaching me about what a great mattress is made from

  6. Hi,

    I want to order pillow cases and knit ticking to the UK. I want to know where I will be charged shipping for my whole order or each individual purchase?

    1. They will ship together. If ordered, the latex slabs and quilted ticking will ship separately though.

  7. We have latex and wool allergies. Do you have only cotton options?

    1. We do have GOTS cotton batting that could easily be folded inside our cotton Twill Ticking and tufted to keep it from shifting to make a firm mattress. Instructions are here and here; the process is the same as making a wool mattress. Estimate about 1/4″ per layer of cotton after compression.

  8. Hi there, I bought cotton twill from you to make inner liners for sofa cushion covers. Do you recommend prewashing it before sewing it?

    1. The twill has a low shrinkage, maybe 3%. It will shrink slightly if you wash it but only incrementally. All fabric stretches so if you don’t wash it before, the pressure of the latex and time should be enough to return it to its sewn size after a little while.

  9. Is the wool blanket quite soft or scratchy?

    1. The wool blanket is neither extreme. It is perfect for a layering blanket. Because of its herringbone pattern, a sheet will feel smoother than it will, though the blanket will look much more decorative than any sheet. It is not rough or coarse, nor is it acrylic soft. I think you will find it soft against your hand though noticeably textured.

  10. How much does it cost for me to stop by and make a wool mattress with twill ticking for a twin or twin xl?
    About how long does it take?

    Can I stop by your location and purchase a wool topper for a twin bed?

    What is a puddle pad?

    What is your address?

    1. Our showrooms are simply showrooms, they do not have product to take home. If you want to make a Twin sized wool mattress, give yourself 2 hours or so. The layering of the wool is quick, but the tufting takes a while.

      A puddle pad is a 1/4″ needle punched mat of wool fibers, twisted around each other to create a thick pad that spills have difficulty getting through. It is available here.

  11. Hello
    I am ordering latex for a new sofa, but would need the thin layer( don’t know what’s it’s called) that covers the cushion before the fabric goes on top. If it is at all necessary when using latex instead of poly foam cushions. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hmmm, do you mean the layer of batting used to lump out the cushions? All you really need is one case and one hunk of foam. Often customers want an inner and an outer case so the latex can stay wrapped as the outer case is washed. Often times with the latex in that inner case is a layer batting, from my shop wool or cotton. I explain the batting wrap here in this post.

  12. Can I use the 3 inch hard latex slab as a topper for my sleep number mattress?

    Thank you

    1. Three inches of hard latex would be very supportive for a top layer, but if you like firm bedding, that might be just the thing. If you are trying to fix a sagging mattress, consider that latex’s pliability will let it sag with the mattress.

  13. How long would it take for an online order to be delivered typically?

    1. Each product’s shipping times are listed in their shipping tab. In general, our pillow kits and tickings take a few days to ship out and everything else takes up to two weeks.

  14. Which pillow filler creates the softest feel to prevent sore ears?

    1. It partly depends on how full you fill the pillow. However, the softest pillows would be with woolly bolas and shredded latex, if you like a stuffed pillow. If you don’t mind a flat pillow, kapok is very soft when it is understuffed. Millet hulls are firm and wool batting becoomes slightly firm. Kapok becomes firm if you overstuff the pillow.

  15. I need a cot sized mattress 30 wide by 75 long. Can you make the ticking sized to that? I want a medium firm feel so what filling would you recommend? I also love the thermal regulation of wool. I want a finished mattress of 6 inches. I live in my van full time and need to protect the mattress from all moisture because I have a dog. Please let me know what to order to meet my needs.

    1. We do offer custom sewing service to make ticking and custom cuts of latex to your exact measurements. Prices on custom cuts of latex are available here.

      The medium firmness you desire can be achieved by choosing medium and firm pieces of latex to layer on top of each other or by choosing wool flake instead of a piece of latex to add to your mattress which will provide the firm base. Wool flake by itself is not medium but firm. Another option is to wrap your layers of latex in 1-2 batts of wool. This a is fluffier wool than the flake and would soften the latex and inhibit its inherent bounce.

      When choosing your ticking, might I suggest our zip off waterproof ticking? While it has not been tested specifically in an RV and we are not sure of how it will hold up or protect the latex from things like humidity in that sort of environment, I do believe the moisture protection benefits that it provides would be a great fit for your lifestyle and use.

  16. Hi,
    I have ordered the 3 inch wool topper on a twin. I am trying to find the measurements for the mattress sizes and I can’t find them on your website.

    LeAnn Weaver

    1. The sizes are currently buried in the products under the size tab.

  17. I tried to email on my questions regarding a custom mattress for an old 3/4 bed frame but haven’t heard back.


    1. We are happy to make you a custom sized ticking and latex cut. The antique beds are actually a common size and easy to work with. I have searched all of our emails and see no record of one from you. Please resend your specifications to Thank you.

  18. I noticed that your knit ticking kits are unavailable. Will they be available again anytime soon?

    1. The Knit Ticking Kit is available and the link is working properly now. Sometimes technology breaks itself without asking permission. 🙂 Thank you for letting me know.

  19. Hi,
    I am trying to replace my Natures Rest premium latex mattress. Please can you help me determine what to buy—I want a firm mattress which provides coutnerpressure but is soft and comfortable. I need a king size that is going on a slatted frame

    1. We are happy to help you figure out what you might like. We will email you with some questions to help us learn more about what is comfortable to you.

  20. We have 3 firm layers. We purchased it 5 years ago and there are body dents in it, although it is still very comfortable. My husband tried to flip the top mattress on his own and tore out a huge chunk of it. 😭 it doesn’t seem to have impacted the integrity of the mattress. Should we fix it? If so, can you recommend how?

    Also, do we need to flip the mattress? If so, can you recommend how so we don’t rip the natural latex? Even though we did, we still have body indentations. Is that normal?

    1. When moving the latex layers, always fold them up (if they are King or Queen) and then roll them up. Hug them to move them. Grabbing the edges will definitely make it easy to tear the latex as you are trying to flop a 50 lb. piece around with just a couple inches of grip. I have a low VOC foam glue available here that you can purchase to glue the pieces back together if you like.

      Flipping the mattress is certainly an option and while every manufacturer will tell you it is unnecessary, it stands to reason that latex slabs that get balanced use will hold up longer.

      It is surprising that your firms have body impressions in them; while body impressions form on the top layers first, usually it is a soft layer than is the weak link, not a firm. It is also not right that they are not holding up and we would be happy to return them for you for new pieces. Email us at to continue the warranty return process.

  21. Hi Deborah,

    I have a wood bed frame size FULL. Do I have to get 2 latex foam and then the wool and the encasing??”

    3 inches for the foam is to small. I am over 250 lbs.

    Thanks pal.

    1. Two layers of latex, wool batting and ticking is a great mattress build for someone under 200 lbs. Someone over 200 lbs would sink through that amount of latex, unless it is a firm combo such as extra firm over a hard. Nine inches or three layers of latex is a more typical depth for many adults and four layers is usually more appropriate for those getting close to 300 lbs. The more layers, the softer you can build a mattress. I suggest reading The Banana Test for more info. Wool Batting is optional. It does add a softness to the latex and slows the bounce of the latex and with the Knit Ticking or the other lightweight tickings protects it from sunlight. The Quilted Ticking has wool in it so adding wool batting underneath it is not noticeable.

  22. Is this company still valid? I have tried to email my questions multiple times a week ago but I have not received a reply.

    Here are my questions.
    Looking through your website, I noticed that both Eco Institut and GOLS certifications are expired. Eco Institute testing was done in 2016 and it was valid for two years. Now it is 2019, it has expired. GOLS also expired on Jan 2018. Also the link to the “Eco Institute and the Oeko Tex Certificates” is not valid.

    If you have a valid proof of these certifications, please share them with me and also update them on your website for other customers.

    When I receive the latex slabs, is there a way for a customer to be able to tell that the slabs are indeed from Arpico and have the GOLS certification for the slabs? What does the package look alike when I receive them?

    Are all tickings pre-washed?

    1. I am sorry you have not received a reply to your email. I am not sure why not.

      1. Please view the organic latex product again to see certificates. I was able to get some updated ones and am waiting on others. Also, do understand what that the expiration date applies to the shipment of a whole batch of latex, more like a serial number than an expiration date. It is not like a food product that expires at a certain date. It means that as long as we are still using latex from that shipment, the certificate is still valid.

      2. Our Dunlop processed latex is molded in a 6″ core. Some of the molds have a GOLS imprint on the side, some don’t. Stickers with the GOLS logo or the company’s logo are then put on the side of the core. After the core is shipped, we cut the 6″ core down to a 3″ slab. That means that sometimes the sticker is cut in half or is on your 3″ slab or is on the other 3″ slab, depending on its placement on the latex. While we put our own stickers on the box, sometimes they will be missing and in the end you will have to trust that we would keep our word and send you organic latex. Why it would be worth it on a personal and a business level to break our word and send you a product you didn’t order, I don’t know. I have spent much time updating the site to give you as many details and as much information on the products as I have because I know that you need solid information to make a good decision. That same effort is put into getting you a quality product, worth your time and commitment.

      3. All of the tickings with the double knit fabric are washed: Knit Ticking and Expandable Ticking.

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