How to choose Firmness for Couch Cushions

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Natural Latex Cushion

These tips are based on the assumption that the primary purpose of the couch will be for sitting on.  If the comfort of the couch is more important for sleeping on, see our The Banana Test for determining firmness.

  1. Choose firmness based on depth first:
    1. 3” or less, get a hard
    2. 4”, aim for a firm or an extra firm
    3. 5”- 6” choose based on preference
  2. Choose firmness based on preference second:
    1. Do you like it firm or like a standard couch, rather cushy?

Rules of Thumb

  1. Firm is considered medium in couches. Extra firm is considered medium-firm in couch cushions. Hard is considered firm.
  2. The thinner the latex, the less firm it feels. Depth can make up for the firmness. A 2” firm will feel the same as a 3” medium. A 3” extra firm will feel like a 4” hard.
  3. The heavier you are the deeper latex you will need. Average adult weight (130-230 lbs.) will not feel the supporting wood or spring foundation or on 5 – 6” of latex if the latex is firm, extra firm or hard. A 300 lb adult will want a minimum of 6” of hard latex or deeper of a softer latex.
  4. Cutting the latex ½” to 1“ larger than the cushion dimensions gives a nice full look. The firmer the foam, the less we will add to the dimensions.
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