I am so happy to have found you!

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Hi Deborah,

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how happy I am with the way the topponcino (bassinet mattress!) turned out!  I am soooo happy with the finished product, and so excited to have my grandchild sleep on it.  It is exactly what we wanted, and everything is perfectly done. 

Thank you so much for the help you gave me in putting together something that fits our needs so precisely, and for accommodating my “rush” request.  It is evident that you not only produce quality products, but you are a person who genuinely cares about others. 

As I said in my very first email to you–and I mean it even more now–I am so happy to have found you!  I would feel confident recommending you to anyone with the highest standards! (And I definitely will!) 

I look forward to purchasing from you again.

With much appreciation, – L.M.

My back will thank me!

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The soft latex layer is very soft and I like it a lot! I’m very relieved actually not to have to sleep on just the board with my old futon mattress again tonight! I think my back will thank me, haha. Thank you for the wonderful latex layer! It’s wonderful even without another layer or the ticking vs my futon on the box spring 🙂 – F. B.

Very Comfortable

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I think it’s time to report the good news!  The 3rd slab of medium latex has done the trick for my achy body.  I, of course, put the firm on the bottom in the new ticking, and then both the medium (in the middle) and the soft latex, topped with wool batting (on the top) in the first 7” ticking I purchased.  I am so happy to report that I am now finally very comfortable. Thank you for all your patience and help!!! – K. L.

Good rest

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Greetings, Deborah. I just want to thank you for all your help getting me some good rest. I love my bed now and really like the beautiful quilted cover. You’re the best! I hope you and your beautiful family are having a wonderful summer! God sure did bless you! Stay cool 😉
Great blessings, P

Extremely Crafty Women

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Thank you, Susie, for your mention on your blog. If I ever need a gluten-free, dairy-free, ancient grains baked good in the Twin Cities, I’m coming to you! Your knowledge of how to work with such foods and skills of presentation are through the roof.

Here is a snippet from her post:
“One thing I have noticed are videos and blogs that share information on how to make your own mattress. Very cool. I am all about doing things yourself and being self reliant. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have the skills to do it. I am sad to admit that I never learned how to use a sewing machine. Buttons and hand sewn hems I can do. Zippers and ticking are out of my reach. Fortunately I am surrounded by extremely crafty women, one of whom founded her own DIY Natural Bedding company. It’s pure genius. There are two showrooms where customers can see the materials, you order online, and everything comes directly to your home where you put the pieces together. You can opt to do some of the sewing yourself and save some cash, or you can get it all sewn and ready to go. For our kiddos we are opting for expandable ticking which will allow us to increase the amount of latex and wool as they increase in weight.”

Read the full article at her website: Yoga Pants and Bonbons.

Your descriptions are dead on!

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So after using each of the pillows, it seems that I hugely prefer the millet hull pillow and my spouse prefers the woolly bolas pillow.
Turns out the wool batting pillow is the only one neither of us preferred.  Possibly because we stuffed it fully with all the batting we got.  It was too firm.  I will experiment with it further, by gradually removing some of the batting to see if it can get more comfortable.
The descriptions you have on your site are dead on.  I love the millet hull because I can literally punch it and adjust the thickness as I roll around.  What is awesome is that it holds its shape until the next punch.
My spouse loves the woolly bolas because it is very soft and cuddly even when fully stuffed with the quantity you provided. – G.R.

I truly love it!!!

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Initially I had a hard time putting the first slab in but after sleeping on that while waiting for the other to arrive, the knit ticking stretched out enough and then it was easy to add in the second slab. I love it. Interestingly enough, I was initially sleeping on just the hard 3″ and did fine with it, however with the top firm layer, it’s much more luxurious. I truly love it!!! – S.K., Washington


Triple Fill Mattress Topper

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We recently purchased a mattress topper for our bed 3 months ago. We asked for a custom blend of kapok fibers, woolly bolas & shredded natural latex for the fill and a twill ticking zippered case. We are so happy with this product. It took about 2 hours to create our new topper – all the fibers were so clean & packaged well. It is the perfect blend of comfort and goes really well with our firm natural latex mattress. My husband even loves it too. The company was so easy & professional to work with. Very, very happy with everything. We will definitely shop here again in the future. Thank you, E Peters

Simple Perfection

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Not one to review items usually, but, it all started with my search for a quality travel sized pillow. Ended up purchasing the inner case, outer case and some shredded latex. The quality of the cases was such that I purchased a full sized case set and placed my favorite fill in it. The new cases made a great pillow even better. In addition, I will not be leaving home without my shredded latex travel pillow. After playing with the size of the pieces and adjusting the amount of fill until I was happy, it turned out to be an extremely comfortable pillow. If you like hugging a pillow when you sleep, shredded latex is the way to go. Your company supplied a quality, made with care, product that I am happy to own and purchase again.

Personalized Experience

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I can’t talk enough about how amazing DIY Natural Bedding is!!! I worked with the owner, Deborah. She personalized this experience in a very wonderful way. DIY Natural Bedding has the most amazing customer service and they work with you personally to get everything just perfect. My bed is now 100% healthy and natural. I feel so amazing sleeping in my new bed (all 100% natural latex Dunlop / Talalay mattress and pillows). DIY Natural Bedding (Deborah – Owner) did absolutely everything perfectly to make my experience not only stress-free but customized, personalized and memorable for life. I will be using her company when I want to have custom, preshrunk 100% cotton duvet covers made in the future. The organic shredded latex pillows are also absolutely the best I have ever slept on (and I have tried so many pillows it isn’t even funny). I have thoracic and cervical spondylitic myelopathy from a parachuting accident while in the Army, a car accident with extreme whiplash and a crushed sternum from the seat belt, and an almost fatal cliff-diving accident. I have tried every cervical pillow, chiropractic pillow and memory foam pillow (even with magnets) and these custom pillows from DIY Natural Bedding are absolutely the best in the world for your neck. I love the custom body pillows also. Any size pillow you want they will make and provide you with natural substances to fill them with. Amazing!!! I absolutely had the best experience with DIY Natural Bedding and the owner, Deborah. This company was so incredibly interested in my every request, my every need and my every concern. They asked me all of the right and pertinent questions to get me the exact products so that I would be happy with and proud of my bed for decades to come. Thank you so very much, Deborah. You are the best!!! Jeffrey (Iowa)

Love the product

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Love the product. Had a custom mattress cover made that is washable with a cover on top to be removed and washed when necessary. Great product. Washes well. Holds up well. Great sewing for zipper and edges. 🙂 Very happy with the product. – L.

I couldn’t be more happy!

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We finally got everything in the mail and put everything together for our beds.  Everyone in the house loves them!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  I will definitely recommend you and your business to others.  It has been a wonderful experience and we have a great product to last us for many years.  I couldn’t be more happy!  I was brand new to this style of mattress when I started a few months ago and was reluctant to if I would even like it after seeing it all put together, but I am so happy that I pushed through to the end.  I appreciate all your help! – M.R.

Pillow Mattress with Wool Batting and Millet Hulls

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I’m really glad that I found your website.  I’ve been needing to get a new mattress for a quite a while and am excited to make one myself with all natural materials.  In addition to your wool batting, I’ve also made zippered pillow inserts filled with buckwheat hulls that will be in the middle layer of the mattress.  I think it’s going to be a great combination.  The more I read about conventional mattresses, the more sense it makes to use a natural mattress. – L.G.

It’s perfect.

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We got the quilted pillow case in the mail yesterday.  It’s perfect.  Love it!  The quality is once again top notch but even better than the outer case… I love the softer feel with our millet hulls.  Thank you for all your help!!!  Our littlest is still sleeping without a pillow but I definitely know where we will be getting it once he wants one 🙂  Thanks again!  – T.P.

So happy!

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So I just wanted to tell you that I’m SO HAPPY that we decided to buy the latex for our bed too!! We stole the kids’ beds last night (they came yesterday) to test it out and I haven’t slept this good in a long time!! I’m super excited to get ours now! LOL. Now I just have to find somewhere to store all them during the day… I have no idea what we’ll do, but it’ll be so worth it! (We are a family of 5 and live in 800sf, and so we sleep on a foldout couch, and the kids had mats on the floor that can be folded up, and all of it gets put away during the day). – M. P.

My Gratitude

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I want to express my gratitude for the latex slabs and ticking! The mattress is even better than anticipated. My partner and I slept really well last night! I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon your website. Thank you for fair pricing, quality nontoxic products, and excellent customer service. I will be recommending your business to my friends and family.

Win all around!

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Wool Comforter

I love my wool comforter! I used to get such crazy dreams when I slept under my standard polyester comforter, but now, I sleep much more peacefully.  I still dream, but none of the twisted ones that make you wonder what is in your head.

For myself, I bought a regular weight and a lightweight comforter; in retrospect, I would buy two lightweight ones to tie together for the winter inside the same duvet cover so I don’t have to pack one up for a season, like the DIY tab in the comforter suggests.

I run cold and find the lightweight one to be perfect for 70 degree air conditioning in the summer and the regular weight one works for me for most of the winter months. I do keep the comforter inside a duvet cover to make keeping them clean easy. I find that my linen duvet cover adds a bit of warmth to the comforter, probably similar to another lightweight blanket or a few sheets.

The organic sateen fabric really adds a classy, finished touch too. I tried to get by on the cheap and use some leftover non organic cotton fabric for my first comforter and while it works, the sateen DIY offers that is on my second comforter is smooth and has a slight shine to it, a nice presentation.

I made my kids flannel duvet covers for their wool comforters and they love the cozy, soft feel. They can’t keep layers of blankets on them in the winter and these comforters are perfect to keep them warm.

I’m very happy with these five wool comforters! Thanks DIY Natural Bedding for a great product that ensures my warmth and sweet sleep as well as supports consciously raised sheep, organic farming and small businesses. Win all around.

The BEST bed ever!!

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My husband and I were in desperate need of a new bed. I heard of DIY Natural Bedding from my sister who lives in Indiana. We do not however live in Indiana and could not go try out the mattresses our selves. We felt worried about buying online without actually trying the product out! Deborah gave us all the information we needed to go to a local store and try out similar mattresses. She was very knowledgable and gave us peace of mind during that process. We told her which 3 layers we preferred and ordered them right away! They were delivered promptly as stated in our ordering process. It was super easy to put them together and zip up the cover. We didn’t want to get out of bed that night or the next morning! We highly recommend going through DIY Natural Bedding!

Completely eliminated neck pain at night

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I have ordered from you twice and I have to tell you, the pillows are amazing. I’ve never seen such quality before. My husband and I have searched for years to find the right pillows. We ordered your millet hull kits and then picked up some double pocket pillow cases and custom made a millet hull and memory foam pillow that cured my insomnia! I’ve had horrible neck pain since my surgery and this has completely eliminated neck pain at night. On top of that, I use the millet filled pillow from the kit for my knees. Thanks to you I can finally sleep on my back. No other knee pillow was ever comfortable enough with my peripheral neuropathy. Thank you x 100000!

Pillow of my dreams and mattress of my child’s dream!

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I have been looking for my perfect pillow for at least 14 years. Seriously! I am not adverse to spending a pretty penny on a good pillow either. In the end, I’m never happy with ones I buy and they aren’t worth it. Enter DIY Natural Bedding. I bought a Kapok King size pillow over a year ago and I love it! I feel so old (38) to have just found my perfect pillow, but at least I finally found it, and at least I have many, many more years to enjoy it.

Also, I took my son for a showing at DIY Natural Bedding’s show room and allowed him to pick out his own mattress. He was 9 years old and went through the whole process, tried all the various choices (and there are a lot). He took his decision very seriously. He ended up choosing a 6 inch medium piece of latex and that’s all. He has been so happy with it. As a mother it feels amazing to be able to give my children a comfortable and safe nights sleep. Knowing he isn’t inhaling toxins all night long, makes this mama rest better too. I will definitely purchase more items in the very near future!