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Here we supply parts you can use to DIY your own bedding.  We can do all the sewing and washing and cutting or you can do those tasks yourself.

You can visit us in either Lafayette, IN (an hour northwest of Indianapolis) or in Eagan, MN to see all these products and to try out the different firmnesses of latex.

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To make a mattress, pick out a fill (wool flake or natural latex or both wool batting and natural latex) and pick out a presewn ticking, which is a zippered shell or case (either quilted or knit or expandable knit or zip off wool felt. In our supplies section, you will find patterns and fabric to sew your own ticking.

To get an overview of common types of mattresses built from our supplies and how to assemble them, click on each ticking’s link below to see the possibilities as well as pros and cons for each build.

Quilted Ticking, AKA “The Simplest Method” or “For Longevity”

Knit Ticking, AKA “The Budget Method” or “For Latex Purists”

Twill Ticking, AKA “The Durable Method” or “For the DIYer”

To see a full explanation as well as complete assembly of a mattress in just 20 minutes, watch this video.


To make a pillow, pick out a fill and cases. They are sold separately or in kits.



Finished wool toppers with our farm wool are available.

To make a lofty wool topper, visit our supplies page to find the pattern and fabric to use. We also supply kits with fabric, pattern, tufting needle, twine and optional zipper closure.

Natural Latex

To make a latex topper, pick out a slab of latex (usually soft or medium firmness) and pick out a ticking or visit our supplies page to find a pattern and fabric to use.


Finished wool comforters with our farm wool are available.

To make a comforter, decide how many batts of wool you want, then visit our supplies page to find a pattern (COMING) and fabric to use.  A comforter and a topper are similar and use the same supplies, but you’ll probably use only 2-3 batts of wool for a comforter and the pattern displays a knife edge instead of box corners.


You can buy a finished wool blanket made with wool grown, spun and woven all by small businesses in the US or you can buy the blanket fabric by the yard and make your own custom sized blanket.


You can buy a finished organic needle felted wool puddle pad (with serged edges and elastic straps) or you can add the finishing touches.

To make a wool puddle pad, decide how many yards you want of our 90″ needle felted wool. You will get to cut the fabric to size, serge the edges yourself and add elastic corner straps if you like.

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  1. Is there a store we can go to – to evaluate?

    1. We have two showrooms that you can visit, one in St. Paul, MN and the other in Lafayette, IN. Our contact info is on the contact page here:

  2. What firmness layers would you suggest for a twin sized bed for a toddler?

    1. Typically children pick a medium firmness for themselves and adults choose a firm firmness for them. For more info on firmness, check out The Banana Test post.

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