How to get Him out of Bed

We got the bed together and my son is enjoying his new bed!! The hardest part about how much my son likes his bed is getting him up in the morning 🙂 Just wait until he gets a wool comforter next winter… will be worse. He’ll just want to stay in bed.

I am so happy that we found your website back when we got our bed. We are all enjoying a healthy night’s sleep. – S. T.

Beyond Comfortable

We LOVE the mattress. It is beyond comfortable. I honestly have never had a better mattress or been more comfortable in bed. I’m sold for life on this company. Plus it was fun to build. Love love love. Thank you!! – S. J.

Super Duper Comfortable

I absolutely LOVE my new couch cushions!  They have really brought my 15yo couch back to new. I’m so happy I decided to have these cushions made and not just get cheap foam (again)… Not only will they last waaaay longer but they are super duper comfortable and the perfect firmness and springiness. I didn’t take a picture of the “before” (too embarrassing) but I should send you a picture of my love seat cushions (to be replaced later) next to the couch cushions. Also your wool advice was very helpful. Thank you! – J.C., Massachusetts

Absolutely LOVE it!

We have had our bed now for some time and we absolutely LOVE it!  We have been telling all our friends that they have to make their next mattresses from you. – M.D.

It was great!

The latex piece arrived yesterday and the first night of sleeping on it was great! Thanks for offering the split-queen pieces. It’s a lifesaver for two people with very different sleeping needs. – K.G.

I love looking forward to going to bed

I cannot express how pleased I am with the bedding, topper and pillow.  It has been delightful.  My goal was to alleviate the aches and pains of getting up in the morning and this has been accomplished!  This has also been the case for my husband and occurred nearly immediately upon setting up the bed. I love looking forward to going to bed 🙂

I would be happy to be a reference for any future customers and have already starting spreading the word on my own.

I am so pleased that my husband happened upon your website and am grateful for your service, follow up and product.  – S.S.


The cushions just arrived and are lovely.  And the excess fabric was also in the package. They are also comfortable.

Thank you for the great service.

– E.L.

(This customer ordered cushions made with her fabric and our shredded natural latex.  You can see a picture of them in our Customer Picture section here.)

Perfect Cut

The latex foam piece is perfect.

Well cut.

It fit right into a pillow case.

I’m using it to sit at my computer and also while playing guitar.


– R.P.

(This customer ordered a 16″ x 16″ piece of natural latex with a 4″ square cut out of the center .)

A Perfect Example

My assistant tells me that the fabric arrived on Saturday (I was away from the studio for the weekend). I’ve just unwrapped it and it looks wonderful! Thank you again for taking such good care of packaging it and for being so accommodating! I will enjoy working with the fabric.

I look forward to ordering more from you whenever I run out of something you carry. Your service is a perfect example of how I try to treat my wedding dress clients. Thank you for doing everything that you do!

Be well,
Lori Del Genis

Conscious Elegance Custom Eco Wedding Dresses, Director & Designer — Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Wedding Attire


In light of the personalized customer service you’ve provided me, I wanted to let you know that I received the shipment this Monday past and am pleased with the quality of the products. Many thanks to you and your staff. – M.T.

We love our mattress!

My boyfriend and I were sleeping on an air mattress a year ago and decided we wanted a nontoxic mattress. We plunged into the confusing world of researching mattresses online and created a spreadsheet listing 15 companies and all the pros and cons of each. When we eventually found DIY Natural Bedding they came out at the top of the list because their 9″ latex layers (three 3″ layers) mattress was one of the most affordable ones available. Also, Deborah was amazingly great at getting to the bottom of what is really going on with natural bedding suppliers and also was so great at answering all my many questions, even researching the answer and then getting back to me if she didn’t have the answer on hand. At the time, I noted that this company is “very trustworthy, does good research.”

I had a number of concerns  – I was concerned the mattress cover would inhibit the natural way the latex bends around the body; it would be a shame to spend so much on latex and then ruin it with a tight fitted, stiff cover. I am happy to report that the organic cotton knit mattress cover is soft and stretchy and contours to the latex perfectly.

Another concern I had was smell because I had bought a latex topper once that smelled really strong for a couple weeks at least. With the latex from DIY Natural Bedding there was never any smell, not even when it first arrived. I am extremely chemically sensitive and I have not ever had any issues with this bed.

We had a hell of a time figuring out the densities to order, and we ended up having to get some replacements. Deborah’s policy allowing 2 months for replacements was great because for various reasons we took a long time figuring out what was going to work.

We got the wool batting to place under the cover but we have never used it because we don’t like the way it sticks to the latex – we tend to rearrange the latex every once in awhile just to see how it feels and we don’t like pulling the wool off the latex every time (not much sticks it’s just I realize I like things really clean and my personal preference would be to have the wool encased in something). We may get some fabric and sew a wool topper with the wool at some point, or a blanket. I made a huge pillow out of some of it, which is really divine, although it does need fluffing up every once in a while.

The mattress is super comfortable just with the knit cover, although I know we need to get something else to protect it from spills and also to offer more general protection like from oxygen. We probably would have been better off with the quilted ticking – I was worried it wouldn’t stretch enough but now that I see how the organic cotton cloth stretches probably the quilted ticking would be stretchy enough too.

And just fyi, I weigh 230 and my boyfriend weighs 220 lbs and what ended up working out for both of us is the bottom layer firm, and both the middle and top layers extra firm. We hate the soft and medium as they compress too much and feel extremely hard, but I guess for people weighing less they would be great.

We love our mattress! – H.H.

More Comfortable Every Night

We’re very pleased with the bed; I don’t anticipate the need to swap any of the layers.  The mattress just seems to get more comfortable every night (which I’m sure sounds weird, but really, that’s how we feel).   The mattress combo felt firmer than expected at first, but as it turns out, we both like it as it is.  It is THE MOST comfortable mattress we’ve ever had. I am not exaggerating. We love the cover and the pillows too.  Very high quality materials and workmanship.  Please pass the message on to your seamstress that we really admire the quality of her work, which I’m sure has something to do with the overall comfort.   – S.K.

Seriously it rocks!

We figured out the bed! I think our biggest obstacle was my friends 2 year old jumping up and down on it while she was trying to put it together. We LOVE it!

Seriously it rocks! My partner has carpal tunnel like symptoms but this morning her arm was not numb when she woke up!

Thanks so much! – E. R.


What a great mattress and fantastic experience working with Deborah! We bought the 9″ King size with quilted ticking and it is amazing. I knew it would be comfortable but it really exceeds my expectations. It is just luxurious. Deborah was very helpful and we were able to fine tune our choices for each side of the king size. I plan to eventually switch all the mattresses in the house to this natural choice. Worth every penny! – A. B.

Terrific mattress

Just wanted to thank you for your help and for a terrific mattress.  I’m so glad I came across the information about your company through the TC Natural Family Living listserv. Our son has transitioned nicely into his new bed and is sleeping soundly and healthfully.  When we’re able to make the change, we’ll be in touch about a mattress for our own bed. – R. W.

luuuuuuuuvvvvvvv it

love love luuuuuuuuvvvvvvv new mattress!!!! best sleep ever! soooo happy and soooooooooo grateful!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! here for help with recommendations/reviews to other customers if ever needed!!!!! THANKS AGAIN! – L. P.

Pillows great

The latex and the millet have been working great. My partner loves the millet pillow and uses it every night. I have been using the latex one playing with the fill levels. – J. S.


While traveling, I slept on an IKEA couch that I’ve slept on hundreds of times and I couldn’t wait to get back to my latex topper, which has proven to be quite comfortable. – D. W.


Yeah, it is great! Gina got used to it now and loves it. It’s also nice to know that there are no chemicals leaching out of it, as Gina is VERY sensitive to formaldehyde. We liked the “soft” side so much that we didn’t even try the “medium” side! Thanks a lot for providing a healthy mattress alternative. If anyone needs a reference, we’d be happy to provide it.
I personally really like the feeling when I first get onto the mattress. Not sure I can describe it, though… – D. M.


Just wanted to let you know we’ve been happy with the mattress. It’s extremely comfortable and is working out well. – R. D.


We are enjoying the mattress. We have really only tried out the extra firm side and both find it to be super comfortable. We were talking and if we were to do it all over again might just go for the straight 6 inches of that firmness. We may have guests over who like a less firm mattress though and it might be nice to have the option to flip it. I have some friends who might be interested in a mattress and I told them to check out your Facebook page.
I hope that you are well and thanks for working with us on the mattress. We are trying to be good about making any big new purchases “clean” and this mattress along with our nursery furniture were great places to start for us. I wish you a lot of success in your business. It is a great idea and I always appreciated how much research you had put into everything. – A. S.


We love the mattress! Last night I climbed into bed and noticed the beautiful pattern showing through the sheets, the quilting! I didn’t think that was really anything that would matter but it is lovely.
The new travel pillow is perfect. Thanks again! – L. D.

No mold

We thought we would let you know that we have gotten more used to the firmness of the mattress and don’t think we will be exchanging anything. Thank you again for all of your wonderful customer support and willingness to keep following up. If in a few years we desire change, then we could just purchase a 3″ medium pad then and swap it out. It feels so good to know we are not breathing mold every night. I hope your business thrives! – D. N.

Joint Pain Eased

We love the mattress so far – it is very comfortable! Finally I am waking up feeling rested. A lot of joint pain I was having has eased. We are singing your praises to anyone who will listen, any chance we get! – R. R.

SO comfy

The boys are SO comfy! They love, love, love their new beds! It is fun to snuggle with them after story time too. I posted your info on my Facebook, and encouraged people to check you guys out. Keep up the great work! – M. L.


Thanks! She loves the mattress. We will be back in 3-4 years for our son’s mattress! C.C.