Fit for a King!

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DIY mattress      DIY mattress

Our bed is fit for a king, thanks to Deborah and her team!

We ordered a medium firm latex slab with wool and cover from Deborah.  The mattress has made our bed very comfortable again.  For those who are interested to know, the latex sits between a 3″ thick cotton mattress and a 5-6″ wool topper, which after 3 years of compression had become hard (see the first photo).

Before I ordered, I was most concerned how to get the firmness right.  I called Deborah, told her our body weights and heights and the problem of our bed, she correctly suggested the medium firmness.  But when the slab arrived, because I was too used to our hard bed, I panicked and reordered a firm slab, using Deborah’s “buy and try” program.  It took some time for the replacement to arrive, by then I had already got used to the medium slab and realized my mistake.  The firm slab proved to be too firm indeed.  When I zipped up the mattress cover at last,  I had one more amazement to tell: the cover looks very simple, but I would not try to make it myself because Deborah’s seamstress has made it fit to perfection.  The cover is not one bit smaller or bigger than the latex, so that it feels completely smooth (See the second photo).

During the whole process, I have learned not only to trust Deborah’s professional experience and judgment but also to highly respect the quality of her work and the reliability of her service.  When I became really hesitant and frustrated, she was consistently patient and nice.  I know on-line shopping for a mattress sounds hard, but my experience has taught me that it really depends upon whom you are dealing with.  Now I know our body takes time to tell which firmness is right, I begin to doubt going to the store in person to try mattresses is an easier way.  Overall I am quite happy with this shopping experience at Deborah’s site.

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