Family Bed in a Family sized Bed

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As a new mom learning about all the terrible toxins in mattresses, I searched everywhere for a non-toxic alternative. It seemed impossible to find a mattress that wasn’t outrageously expensive and didn’t have some sort of flame retardants or springs that attract EMF’s. When I stumbled across, I was amazed!! Building our own custom mattress was so perfect for my husband and I because we like to have a lot of room when we sleep and we were co-sleeping with our 6 month old. Deborah was so helpful while we made our decision about size, thickness, and material. We were able to order a custom bed that is bigger than a king! We absolutely LOVE it! The latex is so supportive, we only needed the 6 inch height! We HIGHLY recommend DIY Bedding to ALL of our friends who are health conscious! We couldn’t be happier with our purchase!

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