Build a Mattress with Quilted Ticking

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Quilted Ticking

How to Build your Mattress with Quilted Ticking
  • Beauty
    With our soft double knit fabric on top, this ticking made for your DIYing will make your mattress feel and look better than your conventional mattresses. The rolling diamond quilted pattern adds a refined look to your mattress.
  • Thickness
    Its thickness serves your comfort as well as protection of the latex layers hidden inside. The less exposed to elements like heat, sunlight, and poor air quality, the longer your latex will stay fresh.
  • Wool Layer
    This 1″ layer of wool is enough to cool your sleep with its temperature regulating abilities. It is also enough to act as a flame retardant if needed.
  • Simplicity
    This is the simplest build with the most components to it.  Zip the ticking shut around the fill and you have a mattress.
  • Price
    This ticking with its two layers of organic cotton fabric and layer of wool has a lot to it, add the cost of quilting the layers together and you have our most expensive ticking.
  • Thickness
    Some find the thickness to stiffen the feel of the latex slightly. While not a significant change, those we call “latex purists’ tend to avoid the extra fabric between them and the latex.

If you need help picking which firmness of natural latex might be comfortable inside your quilted ticking, check out The Banana Test post and give us a call if you have further questions.

6 thoughts on “Build a Mattress with Quilted Ticking

  1. Have any of your tickings been treated with flame retardants, including but not limited to Boric Acid? Are any of your materials treated with flame retardants?

  2. Our fabric is just that, fabric and our wool, just wool. There are no chemical or otherwise flame retardants applied to any of the tickings. Wool has such a high burning point and is compressed enough inside the Quilted Ticking that it will act as a flame retardant if you are interested in one.

  3. The instructions for making a mattress say “2-3 latex slabs” — I guess that does not mean get one slab that is 2 to 3 inches thick — it means one needs to get two or three slabs and put them on top of each other, to get one mattress.

    1. Exactly as you say, most adults commonly choose 6″ – 9″ of latex, or two to three slabs of latex for their mattress.

  4. Many people who want to do DIY stuff are into it partly because of price savings. Would be great if you could prominently display what is the cheapest adult mattress one can make here, and how much it costs. Am looking to make a twin mattress as cheaply as possible.

    1. I hear you. While I can highlight the least epensive components that we offer, i.e. knit ticking vs. the quilted ticking and I do have a few popular builds outlined on my How It Works page, for example the Budget Build, a part of an economic build is up to how minimal of a build you are comfortable on. Three inches of latex costs less than six inches of latex, which is why we offer the expandable ticking so that you can start small, say with just one 3″ layer of latex and not have to buy a second case if you later decide to add layers to your mattress. Why don’t you call me and I can talk you through what components would best suit your needs. 763-445-9676

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