Build a Mattress with Knit Ticking

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Knit Ticking around Latex

How to Build a Mattress with Knit Ticking

  • Washable
    Preshrunk and machine washable. No longer do you have to spot clean the the ticking while it is on the latex.  Freshen your entire mattress by washing this ticking.
  • Flexible
    This knit case will flex with your body and the latex as you move. The inherent stretch of knit fabrics lets their looped threads pull apart from each other when pressure is applied.
  • Thinish
    While this double knit fabric is actually fairly thick for just one layer of fabric, those we endearingly call “latex purists” like that they can be completely absorbed by the latex with this case. Every pressure point can be entirely soothed through this ticking.
  • Price
    Having just one simple layer of fabric, this ticking is very affordable.
  • Thinish
    With its one layer of fabric, it protects the latex from dust and debris, but not from heat sources, sunlight.  It may give the latex a lesser life than the thicker quilted ticking.  To compensate for its thinness, some add a layer or two of wool batting around the latex and under the ticking. The wool batting’s thickness protects the latex and softens the latex’s bounce. Since the wool batting does not come quilted, you save the cost of the quilting and thus maintain the affordability of the knit ticking.
  • Flexibility
    As you put consistent pressure sleeping on the latex, you may notice that one slab or another starts to stretch a little farther towards the edges than the others.  The clean lines of your mattress can be renewed by unzipping the ticking and flopping the layer back into place.  A layer or two of wool batting wrapped around the latex will serve as extra strength and slightly prevent this occasional shifting.

If you need help picking which firmness of natural latex might be comfortable inside your knit ticking, check out The Banana Test post and give us a call if you have further questions.

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