Safe Snuggling

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I’m happy to say we LOOOOOOOOOOVE our new mattress :D.  The last piece of latex made it just perfect, it’s not as soft as our tempur-pedic type but it’s way nicer in my opinion and the most important thing is that when my baby crawls over from his co-sleeper he can snuggle next to me without sinking unsafely into the mattress or breathing the nasty fumes!!!

Funny story, we found the mattress noticeably softer without the wool puddle pad so we took it off and are going to use it as a rug underlayment for his rug, since we needed a non-toxic wool one anyway!!!

I’m sure I’ll be back 😀  I have some projects in mind that need some stuffing and now that I’ve found you I’m so happy I have a natural solution for all of them! – C.E. Peoria, IL

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