Latex Warranty Photo Instructions

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Body impressions can be caused by a failing piece of latex or by improper use. Multiple soft or medium layers used in a bed where someone sits all day for work as well as for sleep will bow predictably. If you are using your bed as a couch, expect the top layers to wear out. Couches are usually made of firm, extra firm and hard pieces of latex, so if your bed is soft or medium, the latex is not up for the job of supporting a sitter. You will get body impressions. Those sorts of impressions are not a warranty claim.

However if your latex layers are bowing from normal use, we can process a warranty claim for you. Sometimes bowing is caused by the bed frame or foundation and not by the sleeper. Even slat beds that flex too much or have slats that are too far apart have caused a mattress to seem like it’s failing.

Please send us pictures of the failing layers so we can verify your claim. To take pictures properly you’ll need a broom stick (just unscrew it from the head) or substitute, a camera, tape measure, and a clean bed sheet.

  1. On your foundation or level ground, where you have space the size of your mattress (living room, bedroom, kitchen or even garage) lay down a clean sheet.
  2. Unzip your mattress ticking.
  3. Remove one layer of foam and place it on the sheet.
  4. Next push the edge of the sheet close to the edge of the foam
  5. Place a broom stick across any visible depression. If the broom stick has a handle, be sure to hang the handle over the edge so it doesn’t exaggerate depressions.
  6. Take a picture measuring the gaps between the broom stick and the foam but at the same time show parts of the ground to show you are shooting the layer on a flat surface and not your bed frame.
  7. Do the same to each latex slab.
  8. Email the pictures of any depressions. We are looking to see if there are depressions along where your body rests exceed ½ in one layer or 1” in all three layers.
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