Wool Flake Price Decrease

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Wool Flake

Wool Flake


I have been getting quite a number of wool mattress inquiries lately. It always excites me to talk to people interested in physically participating in their mattress choice.  However, my wool flake prices, while very fair, have been too high to enable some of your plans. Thus, to share in your creativity, I will lower my wool flake prices. We are here to empower your choices, which we already do in carefully sourcing our wool.  Now let us provide even better conditions for your inspirations. Mattress making ahead!

Wool Flake product is available both in its product as well as in the Pillow Fill Calculator, where you can plug in your preferred depth to know how much wool to purchase.

Here are some useful wool flake links:

DIY wool mattress

Build a Mattress with Twill Ticking

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DIY your wool mattress with Twill Ticking

  • Thickness
    At an 8 oz weight, this twill is durable reliable. Compare its thickness to a thick khaki pant fabric, though it is much softer than a brushed twill pant.
  • Strength
    This functional fabric is still quite smooth.  Because it is strong, it can withstand a tufting needle’s piercings or a mattress fill in pieces beneath it (though our Wool Mattress Pattern does instruct you how to smoothly add the wool flake).
  • Price
    Without the three layers of threads that make up a double knit, the twill ticking can beat its price making this ticking the most economical. DIYing your mattress will with our loose fills will save you store costs everywhere.
  • Thinness
    If using it for latex, it does not offer the flexibility of the knit ticking.
  • Stiffness
    If using it for latex, the thickness of the quilted ticking will rival this fabric.

If you need a calculator to help you know how much fill to create a mattress to your desired height, visit our Custom Pillow Fill Calculator.  Make sure to select the boxed rectangle tab for a mattress shape. Our wool flake product explains more about tufting and our kapok product will make your Japanese style shikibuton.