Together Farms

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Together Farms in Mondovi, WI (15 minutes out of Eau Claire) has animals, lots of animals. They have sheep, pigs, cattle, turkeys, chickens and ducks. As I pulled up to the farm, I was greeted by the few animals brave enough to be out in the drizzle, a few dogs and roosters and a flock of ducks. The chicks and hogs were in the barn, the sheep hiding under a spread of trees and the cattle out grazing in their pastures.

Their sheep, which are Tunis and Leicaster Longwool sheep, were up a hill so a picture was difficult to get. The animals in the front are hair sheep, which don’t grow thick coats of wool. The sheep our wool is from is the bigger ones in the back of the flock.

Stephanie and Andy Schneider are very selective about their heritage breeds and raise their animals for meat. They also offer CSA shares of their animals or if you prefer they offer individual cuts of meat. Their website has complete information on the farmer’s markets they are at and their drop sites, including one in the Twin Cities. Stephanie also crafts her own super swine soap.  W93 Norden Road, Mondovi, WI 54755

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