Tangled Bank Farm

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Tangled Bank Farm in Wabasha, MN raises beef and sheep. Tom and Sue Hunter have been growing their beef herd for the last three years and their sheep for one year. They feed their animals grain-free diets, avoid all pesticides on their fields and even deliberately planted a variety of grass to create a field suitable to good nutrition.

As we were talking about our company’s choosing to trust farmers rather than an organic label, Tom point out that even the organic label needs trust. He raises his herds organically, no pesticides, no chemicals, only grass and hay and he could pay for the organic certification label. But since there is no one to hold you accountable to your labeling practices, you’re still taking the farmer’s word for it, label or not. It’s nice to work with people who take giving their word seriously.

I brought home about 75 lbs of wool from them, leaving behind one fleece for the beehive.

Their website describes their practices quite well and has some lovely pictures of their farm and the animals.

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