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We are happy to give you a 60 day trial period to determine if the latex firmnesses are right for you. We understand that the only way to accurately decide if the latex firmnesses you picked out for your mattress are comfortable is if you sleep on them.

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Mattress sized natural latex slabs in original condition are accepted for exchange without a charge within the first 60 days after delivery. We can exchange latex between firmnesses: for example, upgrade a firm piece to extra firm or hard or downgrade to medium or soft.  Custom cut sizes may not be exchanged.

To emphasize: We will only accept piece that are in original condition, that means, no wool on them and certainly nothing else. Please tape off or use a lint roller on your piece before shipping it back.

Shipping Back

    1. Pick a box to use; if you can reuse the original box, do so.
    2. Latex is ridiculously good at collecting dust and any particles it touches.  When removing it from its ticking, make sure you place it on a fresh sheet or a freshly swept/mopped floor.
    3. Roll your slab up and secure the roll with something that will not cut the latex like saran wrap. If you have a full, queen or king piece, fold it in half before you roll.
    4. Slip the roll into a giant plastic bag, such as a leaf bag
    5. Stick the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner in to the bag and just barely into the middle of your roll.
    6. Grabbing the bag around the hose securing with one hand, suck the air out. Your latex should shrink to about half the size.
    7. When latex no long shrinks, remove the hose with your free hand while the machine is running. Be gentle, as tearing the latex would keep the piece from being accepted back.
    8. Immediately twist the bag end to prevent air from entering and fold twisted part of the bag in half.
    9. Tape the folded twisted bag together. The twist and the crimp will keep the air from escaping. Tape the crimp a second time, tightening it as tight as it will go.
    10. Take out that saran wrap again and wrap your piece vertically and horizontally, covering all holes. Alternatively you could tape both ends of your bag up inside plastic sheeting, but you’ll find the plastic wrap method much easier.  Your goal is to confine the latex to its current size. The strength of the plastic wrap or the sheeting and tape will keep it from expanding during shipment. Wrap or tape around the top, middle and bottom as well as the ends.
    11. Now it is simple. Slip the latex in the box. Tape it up and label it. If you have 3+ layers of thick sheeting around the latex, you could forgo the box.
    12. You are responsible for paying the shipping back to us; it will cost between $30-$70 to ship a piece via USPS; we share our commercial rates with you below. Do package the slabs well though because the latex can tear easily if not protected from the rough handling it will receive in shipping. We will not be able to give you an exchange if the piece arrives damaged.

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Make the Swap

Please click here on the Natural Latex Buy and Try Shipping to initiate the Buy and Try Swap.

This charge covers both the shipping of the new piece of latex as well as the return shipping and UPS pickup of the unwanted piece.

Where it goes

The worthy pieces of latex you send back to us appear in the Clearance section as they are still good pieces of foam. They are labeled as being part of the Buy and Try program.

10 thoughts on “Buy and Try

  1. Hi— I was wondering what your thoughts are on just buying the 3# latex in Queen or King and using my own sheets and covers to sort of give it shape and use it as a futon on the ground. I am suuuuuper poor (I think I have $85 in the bank right now!)— but I have been wanting to sleep on something natural for my own sake, and also for my baby’s, who co-sleeps with me. Thanks!

    1. Hello Charlee –

      Go for it! Sleeping on a piece of natural latex is much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground! Even if 3″ ends up not being thick enough to keep you from completely feeling the floor, it will certainly provide some cushion. The lighter you are, the more effective a 3″ piece will be at providing a soft sleeping surface. Your baby will be perfectly comfortable on only 3″. I have more information about depth of latex in our Of Interest Section: The Banana Test.

      There are definitely ways to spend less money on such a purchase. We aim to provide the best quality of fabric that will let you the latex absorb ever pressure point, but you can discard that sort of criteria for the sake of affordability. Since uncovered latex is very good at collecting dust from the floor, I do recommend covering it with something, perhaps two fitted sheets, one inverted to cover the bottom of it, or a cotton futon case or an allergy cover. If you email me, I can send you links to some non organic but inexpensive cases.

      Always willing to answer questions to help you make a confident decision,

  2. Hello,

    I likely need a topper for my old temper pedic. I invested in a very expensive natural latex pillow and found myself having an allergic reaction to it. I’d really like to try your wool topper. Is that something I could return if I have a similar reaction to it?

    I’m also very interests in your pillow kits since I now can’t use the late pillow I bought. Any suggestions?


    1. Hello Kate,
      I am happy to send you a sample of the wool batting we use in our toppers to see how it suits you. I cannot take a wool topper back after it has been sold, but I will certainly try to help you sort out if it is right. Our return policy is at the bottom of the page.

      Was the latex pillow you bought shredded or form latex? If your pillow was shredded, the woolly bolas has a similar flexibility to them, though they are much softer. They are available both in our Wool section and our supplies section of the Shop.

  3. I am interested in making pads for my small dogs out of the natural latex. One pad would go inside the crate and fit into a standard size organic cotton pillow case. The other pad would go in the hall way and would be 18″x24″ which would be covered with an organic cotton standard sized sheet. The thickness would be 3″. What would you suggest purchasing that would help me fill this need? I need to do this as inexpensively as possible?

    1. Hello Lu,
      Have you visited our custom cut latex calculator? It will help you calculate a price based on the two sizes you need. The Banana Test post will help you figure out which of the 5 firmnesses you would like. We can easily sew you a custom sized case. If you want to save some money on it, use our Twill fabric as it is a good price and already in our stock room so you don’t have to pay for shipping on your own fabric. Often people like to use it for an inner case and purchase their own fabric for an outer case as our fabrics are all undyed and not decorative. Do call and I can talk you through some of the options and pricing better over the phone than in type. 763-445-9676

  4. Hi, I am considering your products. I wonder why you offer 6, 9 and thicker tickings when you only offer 3″ latex. Do we layer up 2 3″ latex mattresses inside 1 ticking?

    1. Yes, that is correct. Layer your latex slabs inside the ticking to find the right depth and comfort for you. I have some tips you might find helpful on common layer combinations in The Banana Test.

  5. Hi, I need a new mattress, currently sort of poor running my own business. I like a conventional firm mattress with a pillow top on top of it. Is there a way I can use a hard latex layer, with a pillow top layer on top of that. I have to get back to work, so I can get paid. But, I’m asking, what is the least expensive way I could get started with a hard/firm latex layer full or queen size mattress, and, possibly build it over time to be the perfect mattress. You seem so helpful with the above questions, so, I went for it to see if you could help me, too! Thank You!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I’m sure you could build a comfortable mattress layer by layer over time. Our expandable ticking will help you get a size that fits as you build. As you said, the soft would be the perfect pillow top layer, but a hard and a firm are very different firmnesses. In the firm category, we have firm, extra firm and hard. If you want a firm base, typically a firm or extra firm is chosen. A hard is totally an option, in fact, I had a customer purchase the soft/hard combo just a little while ago, but you have to realize that you will sink through the soft very quickly because its squish is its comfort. Picking a firm or an extra firm would be a more typical choice for a supporting layer. Perhaps The Banana Test article here would be of help sorting through the firmnesses.

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