Wool Mattress

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Look at this completely DIY wool mattress made out of our Wool Flake. 75 lbs. went into this full sized mattress. Only 20 tufts to batten the wool down, but note the French mattress edging to finish the mattress.

Soon we will post a complete kits with needles and a pattern, but for now, feel free to contact us if you would like instructions or ideas.

5 thoughts on “Wool Mattress

  1. Wow its gorgeous! How is sleeping on it. I am very interested to receive instructions onnhow you did it. Thanks!

    1. By the end of the summer we should have instructions posted, for now, feel free to email in and I can send you helpful videos and tips. Tufting needles and twine and twill are available already in the Supplies section, as is Wool Flake in the Wool section.

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  3. Exactly what I’ve been looking for! Is there a DIY kit available for it? I haven’t seen it in my browsing.

    1. While all the pieces are on the website currently, we will soon provide a bundle option. For now, here are some links to tutorials and supplies. Here is a diagram of our process of making a wool mattress and here are pictures of the process. The supplies you will need are:

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