Quilted Fabric by the yard now available

Quilted Fabric now available unavailable – Apologies but our source is keeping their stock for their own sewing projects.  We will eventually have this product back in stock when we make our own organic version. You’ll see the link below change to in stock when that happens. 1/9/2016

Pillowcase, ticking, quilt for your bed, you name it.

Here is life simplified. You could spend an hour picking out fabric, cut it to size, purchase some wool batting, drive to a long arm quilter, wait a few weeks to get it quilted together and then hand sew the binding on like a normal quilter, or… you could do it the easy way. We’ll quilt it, you sew it as you like.

Sewn up properly, this ticking will act as a fire barrier.

We also have added zipper by the foot to our supplies page as retail fabric stores will not have zipper lengths suitable for mattress sizes.

Quilted Wool 
Zipper by the Foot

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