Wool Dryer Balls


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  • Soften Clothes
  • Reduce Drying Time
  • Eliminate Static
  • 3 balls sold together

These wool dryer balls are felted wool, the same wool from the farms that we sell in batts. They would also be a great first balls for a young child.

First strips of wool are buddle in a ball and needle felted. More strips are layered upon each other and dry felted together with a felting needle. The balls then are wet felted in the washing machine once, decorated and then wet felted two more times. The result is a soft, dense, absorbent 2″ diameter, 2.4 oz. ball that will not come apart and will last for ages even while doing its job.

Want to make them yourself? Check out our Wool by the lb.  or our Wool Felting Kit in our Supplies section.

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in