Wool Topper Pattern


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  • Knife Edges
  • Pictures and Directions both included
  • Crib – Eastern King Dimensions all included

This wool topper pattern uses pictures as well as directions, dimensions and pictures to explain how to sew a wool topper for your bed. The pattern is easy to follow, especially if you skip the optional zipper step. It covers how to sew the fabric, how to layer the wool batts inside and where to place your tufts. The fabric may be hand sewn; a machine is not needed.

The 2 sided zipper option is included in the pattern so that when you reloft your wool in 8 years, instead of unstitching two seams, you merely unzip it and untuft it. Then you send your wool to a mill for rewashing and carding. When it comes time to reassemble, all you need to do is layer the wool inside, zip it shut and tuft again.

Our sateen fabric and our twill fabric can be used for this case.

To purchase the premade wool topper, view its page here.


More wool batting than suggested amounts below may be purchased to fill your topper. However, beware that due to the loftiness of wool batting, too many layers of such wool may trench in your body positions, even with proper initial care as mentioned in the next paragraph. It is advised to not exceed more than one batt more than the amounts listed below.

Special care is required of wool toppers the first few months. Instructions are here and are also included in your pattern.


The pattern will be available for a one time download from the thank you page after you checkout or from your account if you create one during the checkout process.  You can find it there buried in the itemized Products under Order Details. It is highly recommended that you print it in color, so you can see the details of the pictures. It is also available in your account.

Planning Purposes

For planning and purchasing purposes, here is the yardages using our 114″ Sateen fabric. The fabric size below takes into account your prewashing it (recommended).

CRIB 2 yd. 7′ 11′ 3 lbs.
TWIN 2.5 yd. 10′ 15′ 6 lbs.
TWIN XL 2.5 yd. 10′ 15′ 6 lbs.
FULL 3.5 yd. 11′ 24′ 8 lbs.
QUEEN 4 yd. 12′ 24′ 10 lbs.
EASTERN KING 4.5 yd. 14′ 33′ 12 lbs.
CALIFORNIA KING 4.5 yd. 14′ 33′ 12 lbs.


Supplies needed and provided in the Kit


Happy DIYing.

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