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The winnings

Pick from your choice of pillows – Shredded Natural Latex or Kapok Fiber.  All our pillows are adjustable fill, meaning the liner has a zipper enabling you to take out extra fill or add in extra fill, to create just the right height of pillow for your night. The pillows offered are standard size; if you want a larger size, you can pay the difference.

The how

With a new website that comes with a name change and an inability to magically change this facebook address, we need to abandon ship and start anew.

There are three ways to win:

  1. Like our new facebook page.
  2. Add us in your circles in Google+ .
  3. For those of you without social networking hook ups,  place a comment or a review somewhere on our website here.

You will eventually see cross postings from the blog to Google+ and Facebook.  If you enter in more than one way, we will count your entry only once.

Thanks for spreading the word.

Happy winnings,

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