Choose Supplies: Step One

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shredded natural latex fill


Choose the fill for your mattress or pillow.  Do you want to sleep on organic latex slabs or wool or both?  Do you want to make a pillow of millet hulls, kapok fiber or shredded latex?


9 thoughts on “Choose Supplies: Step One

  1. I’m looking to make my own full bed for my 4 year old. I’m trying not to spend more than 500, can you tell me if this is an option.

    1. Hello Chassidy,
      There are always places to scrimp and save, height of the mattress, quality (organic vs. not), firmness, and even in the long run. A common build for a child would be 3″ of medium natural latex and expandable ticking. Did you see my post on Reply

      1. What are you recommend for a two year old toddler mattress ?
        And what for a new born baby?


        1. You have multiple options when it comes to building child mattresses. 1. Make them an adult mattress that they can keep past college. Most adults desire a minimum of 6″ of latex, something like a soft or medium over a firm or extra firm. 2. Make them something basic to suit their small comfort needs. Some parents simply offer a wool topper, maybe folded in half. Some parents get the expandable ticking and just 3″ of latex, so that they have room to add a layer later when their child is old enough to sink into it.
          Newborns are often given something thin to keep it firm, but anything is an option really. More info here and here.

  2. 100% natural talalay latex 3 or 4 inch topper

    1. We work with Dunlop processed latex, generally in 3″, though we can cut the 6″ core to just about any length, width or depth. More info on Talalay vs. Dunlop here.

  3. Hi, I was watching your youtube video, because i had recently bought a mattress that is so bad, i can feel the springs in my back. I know i can probably get some polyurethane or just latex and have it be like 5-6″ tall and stuff it in a mattress case that i can zip up, would that work? I’m looking to have a queen size in both latex and mattress case, depending on the price of course.

    1. You’ve got it! That’s all you need to make a mattress, a case (we call it ticking) and a fill. Six inches of latex would be a great start. See The Banana Test post here for some ideas on how to pick latex firmness.

  4. I need to make a mattress for my van build. The mattress will be in 4 sections that will also double for cushions for a seating area. I am limited to no more than 5 to 6″ thickness. I am 6’3″ and 250lbs. Is it possible to build a mattress this thickness and for me to not bottom out?

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