Chair Cushions with Shredded Latex

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Shredded LAtex French Edged Chair Cushions

5 Tufts and a French mattress edge make our least expensive fill look classy. Two chair cushions used only 5 lbs of shredded latex.

4 thoughts on “Chair Cushions with Shredded Latex

  1. Hello,
    I’m looking to price a window seat cushion, made with shredded latex in a French mattress style– edging and tufting. The dimensions are length 71in, width 16 1/2in, height 4 in. Would you kindly provide an estimate for the completed cushion?

    Thank you,

    1. I will email you a quote.

  2. Hello! I’m looking to replace my couch cushions to something that won’t kill my back. I could either do 2 cushions that are 25x30x5 OR 1 cushion of 25x60x5. It could be a simple rectangle, but curious after the cost of getting it french tuffed. Also, I was wondering the cost difference between getting solid latex vs. getting shredded latex for a project of this size.

    1. Are both of these cushions for the back or for the bottom of the couch? Back cushions are usually a soft or medium firmness of latex and bottom cushions are usually a firm or extra firm piece of latex. If these cushions are one for the back and one for the base, I recommend getting them separate so that you can get different firmnesses. With little gravity to put pressure on your as you lean into the back of your couch, you don’t sink in as far as you do into the base cushions, where not only gravity but also your entire body weight is compressing the cushion.
      French tufting is totally possible and a beautiful look. You would want some wool or cotton batting underneath the fabric to help it look plump. We can talk over email about prices.
      Shredded latex will definitely be less expensive than a solid piece of latex. It will also function much differently. It will not absorb your pressure points quite as well or give you a perfectly smooth look, but it will fill out the cushion and provide a quite a bit of comfort.

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