Chair & Couch Cushions

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diy latex chair

Using our Clearance Pieces left over from other custom cuts, R made this entire living room set.

She says, “Here are the the finished chair cushions. They are so comfortable!

I ended up cutting up the 2″ firm into four pieces, and using two pieces for each seat (so 4″ total), with a wool batting wrap. The backs are leftovers from cutting the 3” medium 1/2 queen to fit the back of our sofa. The covers are repurposed sheets from the thrift store. Right now they are open like pillowcases so they can easily be removed for washing.
Not only am I thrilled with how everything turned out so far, everyone else says the furniture is very comfortable. The problem is that no one wants to get up off the couch now.

“I hope my next project will be replacing the three couch seat cushions with a single piece of 6″ firm latex. I actually want to build a custom sofa (especially now that my nieces and nephew are getting bigger, and it’s hard to squeeze all of us on this couch for movie night), but the craftsman isn’t fully on board with that project…yet. 🙂 Thanks again for being such an amazing resource!”

R, thank you for the pictures. I love feeling the inspiration from seeing all your creations!

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