Care of your Wool Topper

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While there is an initial breaking in period, your topper can become an heirloom topper as the wool will never spoil or the fiber will not break. Down the road, you may choose to have the wool relofted at the mill if you want that fluffy feeling of these first few months.

Initial care must be given to cause even compression. Inside the topper is dense, lofty wool batting. As you sleep on it, you will notice that a body impression will form. To keep your topper from becoming mountains with a valley, you need to sleep on it in different spots. Sleep toward one side for a week and then the other side for a while.  Flip it over the next week and sleep sideways on it, one side and then the other. Rotate the topper, again sleeping on it sideways. Your body weight is your tool here. Even try climbing into bed from different sides of the topper or if you are in the habit of sitting on your bed, sit in different spots.

If you have taken care to use your body to apply pressure all over, the topper will compress all over. You will find that after about 2-4 months of care, your topper will retain its comfort, but will have lost some of its loft.

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  1. Do you have to keep doing that over and over of just the first 2-4 months…and i cant sleep what is the go around on that one.

  2. I would flip the topper once a week those first few months rotating it head to foot every other week. The more used the surface is earlier, the less you will notice compression later on. Since my children use their entire bed to sleep or play, rolling or walking and crawling over the surface, there was no special care we had to give the first few months even though their wool did stay lofty on the edges a little longer than the center sleeping area; their wool did compress evenly. Really though, if you start to notice a dip, just sleep on the raised part for a few nights.

  3. Could this be used as a mattress for small children (3-7 years old), or would it be too thin?

    1. Hello Melissa,
      It would be minimal, but not unheard of. I actually get that question somewhat often. If the topper has a 30% compression rate, it will start at 3″ and flatten to 2″. Imagine sleeping on top of a thick comforter.

      Some parents like to buy a full sized wool topper, fold it in half so that it now almost equals a crib size and let their child sleep on that doubled over topper for a few years. Children are especially good at compressing their wool products evenly because they use the entire surface for some sort of movement. Crib/Toddler sizes last a child until they are 4-6 years old usually, depending on their height and how much they stretch out when they sleep.

      We don’t make toppers 6″ deep (as thick as a double over topper) because that much batting would trench, however, with the layer of cotton in the middle and an active user, I think the topper would compress evenly. I don’t know for sure though as I haven’t tried it. Let us know if you try it.

  4. If the topper is put on a sleep number box spring, can it be used as a safe/comfortable substitute for a mattress?

    1. A wool topper is an excellent way to soften a mattress, however if used by itself, it will be considered thin. We can compare its height to two comforters stacked on top of each other. While it does start out at 3″, it does compress to 2″. If you find that sleeping on the floor is fairly comfortable but you want a little pressure point relief, then a wool topper or a 3″ hard piece of latex would probably be exactly what you are looking for.

  5. Do you have any suggestions for a wool topper that has valleys, and a nice peak running down the center? My husband and I feel a bit like we are in a hammock on each of our respective sides, with a firm mountain between us… we would flip it up and down but never across, as the sheets wouldn’t fit then. And if one of us slept in then the other person would be squished. Any suggestions? Thank you! We love our latex mattress and wool pillows!

    1. The only way the get rid of the mountain in your topper is to compress it. While it may be inconvenient to have a bulk of wool topper hanging over the sides of the mattress underneath your sheet, it is a good way to spread out the compression, even if it is short at the foot of the bed while it is turned sideways. Jumping kids are a good way to compress a topper evenly. Or as a last resort you could put it underneath your mattress and let the mattress’s weight work it evenly.

  6. can I sleep under it in winter and use it as a topper in warm months

    1. Certainly, it would be comfortable both ways. Keep in mind its size. Comforters are made larger than the mattress size to allow some fabric to drape over the sleeper and the bed. A topper is made to fit the mattress size, without any drape.

  7. I love feeling of my 3″ wool topper and would love more of that plush feeling (I have a demyelinating nerve disease and I’m in a lot of pain all the time). Could I layer two separate wool toppers of 3″ each being careful to flip each of them every week? Do you know of any issues with that idea?

  8. Can this be washed?

    1. Funny that you would ask because you just left the page that contained that info. In short, should your wool topper become soiled and need to be washed, you may HAND WASH it gently. Vinegar or hydrogen peroxide may also be used for sanitizing or spot cleaning. To read longer directions on a gentle method of washing, visit the wool topper page and click on the tab that says Care.

  9. What micron is the topper wool? Is it a mix of breeds or generally one breed?

    1. Our wool is a medium coarseness, typically about 20-30 microns. Currently it is primarily Dorset, however we have used quite a variety of breeds.

  10. I love feeling of my 3″ wool topper and would love more of that plush feeling (I have a demyelinating nerve disease and I’m in a lot of pain all the time). Could I layer two separate wool toppers of 3″ each being careful to flip each of them every week? Do you know of any issues with that idea? Would it indeed give me more cushion for pressure points?

    1. I understand the appeal of 6″ of a fluffy wool topper, but knowing that a 4″ wool topper is difficult to keep from trenching, I don’t think doubling them up with be a perfect solution, but I haven’t tried it nor heard from customers who have.
      We do have wool products to make your own wool mattress here
      and here
      and we do have 5 firmnesses of natural organic latex to pyramid layer on top of each other.

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