Wool Batting Wrap


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  • Lofty and Fluffy
  • US wool
  • Clean of chemicals and vegetation
  • 1/2″ thick sheet
  • Sold by the 88″ yard or the mattress wrap size

Wool batting is lofty and fluffy, perfect for your DIY bedding projects. It is soft wool in a long sheet. Because of wool’s hollow fiber, air transfers easily through, making wool both insulating and cooling as ambient air can not only pass around the fibers but also through them. If you want the warmth, sleep under the wool; if you want the fluffy feel, sleep on top of of it. Any way you use it will provide moisture wicking and temperature regulation. To read more about the properties of wool, see Wool’s Characteristics here.

The only substance used in its processing is a surfactant, which breaks the surface tension of the water, allowing the oily lanolin to float away in the washing water. Unlike conventional wool, our wool processing contains

  • NO bleach
  • NO acid bath
  • NO bonding
  • NO resin
  • NO carbonization
  • NO superwashing

You can also use it to make your own topper or comforter or quilt and even pillow.  Another great use for the wool batting is in mattress making. Wrap your latex layers inside your ticking to provide comfort and protection as in the video on our How It Works page, here. A wool wrap is the budget saving method for those who want the qualities of wool on their mattress, but want to purchase a less expensive, machine washable ticking, like our Knit Ticking, rather than the beautiful Quilted Ticking, which has wool quilted into it.

The wool batting you purchase here is either cut to your wrap your mattress size or cut to your requested yardage. Since each mattress size you select is a wrap, that means that you will have wool batting  to cover the top, the sides and the bottom of a 12″ mattress. In other words, the mattress size you select will provide you with two layers of wool. If a different amount of wool suits you, please select the option to purchase it by the yard.

As the batting is about 1/2″ thick, a wrap adds about 1″ height to your mattress. You can choose to add 1″ height to your ticking to let you feel the fluffiness of the wool or if you prefer the feel of the latex and merely want the protecting properties of the wool, then select ticking that is the height of your latex and zip that wool down tightly.

After compression, usually about 6 months, the wool batting will have compressed about 20%. Despite its compression, it will retain its comfort and insulating properties while losing its cloud-like, enveloping feel.

Crib: 1.9 yards
Twin \Twin XL: 2.4 yards
Full \ Full XL: 3.3 yards
Queen: 3.7 yards
CA King\Eastern King: 4.6 yards

The wool is 1.8lb per linear yard.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in

For the crafters, this wool felts up nicely, stuffs without lumping and dyes easily.

For the hand spinner, make your own roving by tearing off strips.

For bedding, this batting is perfect for making your own comforter and quilt as it will be able to retain its loft since you are not lying on it every night. A wool topper will also provide a smooth, medium layer of softness to your bedding.

Because there is no carbonizing or use of sulfuric acid, there may be slight vegetable dust in the batting. The carder has aligned every single fiber and removed any strips of straw and grass. However, as the sheep are pastured and don’t wear coats, vegetable matter does accumulate in their wool. As we get our wool from multiple farms, each pasture has different vegetation and each sheep pulls in different amounts of plant matter, so not every wool batt will have its own character.  All visible plant fibers are washed and combed out, but there may be some dust remaining. You may shake the batting outside or vacuum it through a sheet.

If you press your nose into the batting, you may notice a very slight sheepy smell. It is very faint and most people do not notice it.

This batting is chemical free and has not been superwashed, so it will felt and shred if you throw it in your washing machine. It may be hosed off on a flat surface if cleaning is necessary. However as wool is naturally antimicrobial,, I doubt you will find much need to do so. If you do apply water pressure or physical pressure to it, expect it to compress and to loose some of its fluffiness.