Twin Wool Topper with Zipper




  • Farm Wool
  • GOTS organic sateen fabric
  • Machine Tufted
  • Elastic straps included

Made locally by St. Peter’s Woolen mill, this topper will demonstrate the amazing properties of wool. The composition and shape of wool’s fiber make it unique.

Wool can resonate with your body like nothing else, so keep in mind that it feels like nothing else too. If you want comfort with support and temperature regulating abilities and moisture absorbing abilities and a long lasting fiber, a wool topper is right for you. If you want a pillow top layer, purchase a piece of soft latex.

Inside the organic fabric is wool batting. Wool batting starts out very lofty. If you sleep under it as a comforter, it will retain its loft. If you sleep on it, as a topper, it will compress to about 2/3 its height. This is worth noting because if you want even compression on your topper, you will need to occasionally rotate it to sleep on it sideways and flip it too. Instructions are included with purchase and are here.

Twin: 6 lbs. wool