Sands Knit Ticking




  • GOTS Organic Cotton
  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Prewashed
  • Washable

A simple, box cornered mattress case with a three-sided zipper. It opens like a book and is both preshrunk and washable. It is flexible and thick fabric, ideal for letting your pressure points sink into the natural latex or wool underneath it. It also will protect your fill from dust and lint while containing it smoothly.

If using only wool batting inside this ticking, it is recommended to tuft the wool to it to secure the batting and keep it from shifting. Our natural latex slabs fit inside very comfortably, whether they are in a bed mattress or a futon mattress.

Made with our GOTS organic double knit cotton fabric, flexible and natural:  100% organic, 100% cotton.

NOTE: This ticking is excellent as a dust cover and a flexible barrier between you and the latex.  If you want to keep your latex fresh for its full lifespan, add multiple layers of wool batting inside the case or choose the Quilted Ticking as its thickness will protect the latex from elements that cause to degrade.

To sew your own ticking, see patterns the Box Corner Ticking Pattern or its Kit that comes with fabric and zipper.