King, Zip Off Wool Felt Ticking with top Twill layer, 10″



  • GOTS Organic Wool Puddle Pad
  • GOTS Organic Twill

A puddle pad and ticking combined into one.  This ticking enables all the convenience of moisture protection, right where you need it, on the top. The needle felted wool is sewn with a four-sided separating zipper so the wool layer covered by the twill can completely zip off for hand washing, leaving the sides of the ticking still on your mattress. There is no need to move your heavy layers of latex to wash this ticking since the top layer is easily accessible.

This mattress case is less expensive and certainly more convenient than buying a puddle pad and ticking separately.

This wool felt is the same material as in our puddle pads. Because the wool fibers have been twisted around each other so tightly in the needle punching process, this felt will stop most spills. Water beading on top will even resist being rubbed in.

The GOTS twill is strong and sturdy. It will have more strength than the Knit Ticking but less than the Quilted Ticking. It is the same fabric we use in our Twill Ticking, ideal for encasing our wool flake in your DIY wool mattresses.

This wool felt is about 1 lb. of wool per square yard of fabric.

Custom sizes not available.