Kapok Pillow Kit


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  • Kapok Fiber
  • Inner Pillow Case
  • Outer Pillow Case

Kapok fiber is the seed pod fluff of a rainforest tree called the Ceiba tree or the silk cotton tree. The pods are harvested in the East and the trees are left standing. The fluff is actually buoyant; it was and still is used in life jackets and life rings. It will not mold or mildew, just like all our fills. Its feel is similar to the light weight feeling of down, but without the allergies and the loss of loft that go with feathers. The silk is luxurious to the touch and washable.

Pillows stuffed with kapok act most like standard pillows. They have loft, can be fluffed, do not need to be punched in the middle of the night and retain their shape well. Despite the softness of the fibers, due to the inherent weakness of the fibers, they will break into smaller pieces over time. This breaking down compresses the fibers and in time, the pillow reveals its true firmness. We include at least a lb. of extra fibers with your kit purchase; then you have fill ready to restuff your pillow with if you want it to resume its loft.

The cases are made with the same GOTS organic fabric that we use throughout our products. The outer case is double knit and the inner case a sateen, both 100% cotton, 100% organic. The outer case is prewashed so you can wash it as hot as you like without shrinking it. Both cases have a full length zipper on a short side. To eliminate the chance of the zipper coming open on its own and to silence the jingle of the zipper pull, we have hidden each pull inside a pocket to keep it secure.

Not only can the outside case be washed, but so can the inner case with the kapok in it, just like down pillows. Wash in your washing machine or with the hose and dry thoroughly. Because they are so dense, drying the pillow outside in the sun will take weeks to dry the kapok. It is better to dry in your dryer multiple times, about 3 loads length to ensure all the fiber are dry throughout.

This pillow kit is the not same price as if you were to buy the supplies piece by piece. The fiber for this pillow has been fluffed already. If you want to fluff it yourself or buy more fill for your pillow or to purchase the pillow parts separately, see our Pillow Parts page.

This pillow kit does not come assembled. To let you participate in the DIY aspect and to let you choose your amount of fill inside the case, we let you stuff the pillow yourself.

To compare the feel of kapok to our other pillow fills, see this chart.

Travel: 12″ x 20″ – 1 lb fill
Standard: 20″ x 26″ – 3 lb fill
Queen: 20″ x 30″ – 3.7 lb fill
King: 20″ x 36″ – 4.5 lb fill
Body: 19″ x 60″ – 7 lb fill
Custom: You name the size, we’ll sew it.


The kapok fiber is coated with a waxy substance which makes it bouyant and water resistant.  Kapok in it can also be washed INSIDE a case, just like down pillows.

  1. Wash in your washing machine or with the hose.
  2. Dry thoroughly. Because they are so dense, drying the pillow outside in the sun will take weeks to dry the kapok. It is better to dry in your dryer multiple times, about 3 loads length to ensure all the fiber are dry throughout.

Kapok will break down. It will become smaller. Compare these two pictures of new and 1 year old kapok.

006 1 year kapok

While this fiber is called “silk cotton”, it doesn’t share all the properties of cotton.  It is a brittle fiber, causing it not to be able to form a thread.  Your kapok will break down into little balls like woolly bolas after about a year. The kapok is still completely usable once it breaks down, leaving more space in the case and creating a firmer pillow. In fact, we always include more kapok than you initially need so that you have extra to add to it later after it shrinks. Simply unzip the case and add more fill to return to pillow to its desired height.

Canadian customers, AK, HI and all other out of country customers, please contact us for a shipping quote.

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This item has a flat rate shipping.

Travel $10
Standard $15
Queen $18
King $22
Body $28


We are a custom shop.  Everything is sewn and selected just for you.  We do not keep warehouses full of product (except for latex) but instead we make each product per order. This practice lets us stay small and be able to personalize each order. That also means that there is a processing time on your products.

Many of our items ship separately from other items. Please note the following highlighted line below to detail when your purchases may arrive. Each will ship after their processing time.

Fabric Goods ticking, puddle pads, and fabric 2 weeks
Latex Slabs 2 weeks
Pillow Supplies, Wool & Clearance pillow kits; loose fills i.e. millet hulls, wool batting; wool flake; pillow cases 1-2 weeks
Quilted Ticking 2 weeks
Premade Wool topper, comforter 2-3 weeks

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