4″ Quilted Ticking, Twin




  • GOTS Organic Cotton
  • Local Wool
  • Three-sided zipper

This case is a quilt to complete your mattress. Natural latex slabs fit inside very nicely, as does our wool batting or any other fill. While it is very simple to use, it adds an elegant finishing look to your mattress. It is flexible, not constraining your pressure points sinking into your fill.  It is comfortable and breathable, and provides protection from the elements to your fill inside it.

Of all our tickings, this case is the strongest, able to withstand the weight of natural latex and even millet hulls with its lock stitching. Its thickness also serves to protect natural latex fill from the elements better than our knit ticking does, giving you a few more years of life out of your latex. Not surprisingly, common elements such as daily use, sunlight, poor air quality, temperature changes due to body heat and air vents can age your latex slightly faster than an unused piece of latex stored somewhere dark and dry.

The wool is quilted between two sheets of GOTS organic cotton fabric, our double knit on top and a heavy muslin on bottom. Sealed with a three-sided zipper to allow easy access to loading and rearranging your fill. It opens like a book with the spine on either side.

The wool is 12 ounces of wool per square yard of fabric.