3″ Organic Latex Slab


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  • GOLS Organic
  • Dunlop Processed
  • Fast Response
  • Durable
  • Sustainable
  • Flexible
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Excellent airflow compared to other foams

Call it what you want: 100% All Natural, Organic, Botanical, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Vegan latex, these latex slabs are as pure it gets. All the latex used in the foam is sourced from 100% natural sources, namely hevea brasiliensis trees in Sri Lanka.

Our organic natural latex rubber is fantastic at absorbing pressure points and has great rebound. With 5 firmnesses to choose from, it is the most luxurious natural fill to sleep on. Read The Banana Test post if you need guidance picking from five firmness to arrange in any order you choose. The post on bed frames will be helpful when buying a new frame or foundation to support your latex. To test out the firmnesses, stop by if you are in the Lafayette, IN or Minneapolis area.

Our Dunlop processed latex is durable and long lasting. Its twenty to thirty year lifespan is enabled by the 96% of rubber in the finished product. That rubber can long outlast the air the Talalay produced rubber uses to create its foam.

Our firmness specifications are:
Soft: 19-22 ILD, D65
Medium: 23-27 ILD, D75
Firm: 28-33 ILD, D80
Extra Firm: 34-38 ILD or D85
Hard: 39-43 ILD or D90

ILD = Indentation Load Deflection

To make a Eastern King Split (where each side gets to have its own firmness), select two Twin XL for the size of each latex slab. A Full (double) is as wide as two cribs (toddler) side by side, though 21″ longer. To create a 1/2 Queen, either buy a full Queen and add one cutting fee to your cart for two 1/2 Queen slices of the same firmness or visit our Custom Cut page if you want just one 1/2 Queen.

Since no California King molds are made for the baking of the latex, the molds are poured only in Eastern King sizes, so a 4″ piece from the side of an Eastern King will be glued to the bottom of the California King. The glue is a a water-based adhesive which carries UL Greenguard/Greenguard Gold certification. You may request the 4″ piece to not be glued, but it will have a difficult time not buckling or shifting inside the ticking as it is so narrow.

To purchase a 6″ core, put two 3″ selections of the same firmness in your cart, proceed to the checkout page and in the small box labeled “Order Notes”, leave us the following note: “Please leave these slabs together as one 6″ core and do not split them.” There is no price difference between two 3″ slabs and one 6″ core.

Don’t be hesitant to take advantage of our Buy and Try Period. Even after sleeping on it, you can swap out firmnesses until you get the right comfort.  Your short term used pieces will end up in our Clearance section. Our 15 year warranty is so simple, you won’t find another one like it.

Our organic latex comes from one of two companies depending on supply and availability. You can view the Eco Institut and the Oeko Tex Certificates for our Arpico (Richard Pieris) organic latex and its GOLS Certificate here. Here for our Innergetic organic latex is its GOLS certificate and here is its Oeko Tex Certificate. To understand the dates on the certificates, see here. Here is an information video put out by Arpico on the making of natural latex. For those of you who really like the details, here is the laboratory report of their VOC testing. See page 23 for the list of test substances.

For custom sizes of natural latex slab for your cushions, bassinets or couches or any other projects, visit our Custom Cut Latex Calculator.

To find precut latex in depths other than 3″, visit our Clearance section.

For information on what bed frames or support work well with latex, see this article.

Notice the other tabs of information available: Shipping, Care, Sizes and Variations.


To see a quick slideshow of assembly of a latex mattress in just 2 minutes, watch this video.


Crib: 28″x 52″
Twin: 38″ x 75″
Twin XL: 38″ x 80″
Full: 54″ x 75″
Full XL: 54″ x 80″
Queen: 60″ x 80″
Eastern King: 76″ x 80″
California King: 72″ x 84″



Latex is very flexible and grippy.  It can be unwieldy and floppy.  When we put it on the table to cut it, we flop it as straight and as evenly as we can, taking care that we don’t stretch it. However, occasionally latex will have a mind of its own and despite our measuring, will measure up to 1″ different than the dimensions listed above.  While this is rare, it is to be expected and not something we will replace.  2″ or more, contact us.


Latex molds do not produce 100% the same piece of latex every time.  Not all pieces will have one of these variations, some may have more than one.  These variations were taken from two pieces of latex.

Organic Latex likes mediocrity. On its own, it dries out in direct sun light or direct heat (such as a from an air vent). It prefers to be dry. However, it requires no care and if soiled is fairly forgiving.

Were you to remove the wool and ticking, you may spot clean the latex with a damp cloth or vinegar. Soak up as much moisture as possible with a towel before allowing it to dry in shaded room. Avoid strong cleaning solutions, as they will degrade the latex.

The latex also absorbs odors. Wool is an effective barrier from body odors, but if you have pet accident or unusual amounts of smoke in the room, you may deodorize the latex with vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and mist the affected area. Let it air dry for 24 hours. Repeat if necessary. If stained, hydrogen peroxide will eventually reduce the discoloration. However, it also may be too strong for the latex and degrade it. You can find out.

Latex is quite good at collecting dust and hair. If you want to keep it clean, keep it covered. If you feel it needs vacuuming, you can vacuum through the ticking. If you remove the ticking to vacuum, use a wand attachment and be gentle.

Keep in mind, the latex is anti-microbial, which means that latex is reluctant to grow mold or mildew. If the latex were to get soaked, soak up the water as quickly as possible. Just like a sponge, latex is absorbent and will retain the water that you do not remove, though it will air dry eventually. Do NOT submerge your latex in water. You will notice as you try to pull your latex out of its bath that it will fall apart in your hands.

While latex is the most breathable of all bedding foams, it does appreciate the chance to let wetness like humid air and body moisture evaporate. It does well on a slatted frame in a climate controlled environment. It can do perfectly well in small spaces such as tiny homes and RV’s as long as their ventilation system is kept running to remove the condensation. Those of you who have non-air conditioned homes or who put the latex on a solid board instead of slats may find that once a month, you will want to give the latex chance to breathe by flipping one side of the mattress up one day and the next day flip the other side up.

Canadian customers, AK, HI and all other out of country customers, please contact us for a shipping quote.

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This item has flat rate shipping.

Crib $20
Twin $30
Full/Queen $40
King $50

We are a custom shop.  Everything is sewn and selected just for you.  We do not keep warehouses full of product (except for latex) but instead we make each product per order. This practice lets us stay small and be able to personalize each order. That also means that there is a processing time on your products.

Many of our items ship separately from other items. Please note the following table below to detail when your purchases may arrive. Each will ship after their processing time.

Fabric Goods ticking, puddle pads, and fabric 2 weeks
Latex Slabs 2 weeks
Pillow Supplies, Wool & Clearance pillow kits; loose fills i.e. millet hulls, wool batting; wool flake; pillow cases 1-2 weeks
Quilted Ticking 2 weeks
Premade Wool topper, comforter 2-3 weeks

Please keep in mind, while we often keep these timetables, these estimates are generalities. If your product has not arrived by the hopeful date, be assured it is still coming and has not been forgotten.

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