Expandable Ticking Pattern



  • Box Corners
  • Expandable Inset
  • Pictures and Directions both included
  • Twin – Eastern King Dimensions all included

This pattern uses pictures as well as directions, dimensions  and pictures to explain the best way to sew our expandable ticking. This ticking opens like a book with a three-sided zipper and includes a second zipper designed to hide 3″ more of fabric folded into the sidewall. This panel can be unzipped and opened up when you’re ready to insert another slab of latex or more wool. To purchase the premade ticking, view its page here.

You need only one pattern for all the different sizes of bedding as a chart is included with measurements and cuts, Twin to King and 3″ expanding to 6″ as well as 6″ expanding to 9″. If you want to make a custom sized case, let us know and we can calculate yardages for you. Our knit fabric can be used for this case. Our quilted fabric would be too thick to be folded over in the side panel.

NOTE: It is worth mentioning, a basic understanding of sewing terms and techniques is assumed and this pattern is not meant to be a sewing tutorial. Sewing your own mattress case is completely doable, but if you are one of those who claim to only be able to sew on buttons, this is not a good starter project.


The pattern will be available for a one time download from the thank you page after you checkout.  You can find it buried in the itemized Products under Order Details. It is highly recommended that you print it in color, so you can see the details of the pictures.

Planning Purposes

While a very detailed chart with all the sizes and particular cuts is included in the pattern, for planning and purchasing purposes, here is the summary using our 90″ fabric. Sizes are also included for using standard 60″ fabric in the pattern. The fabric size below takes into account your prewashing it (highly recommended).

Twin: 3 yards fabric, 33′ zipper
Full: 4.25 yards fabric, 38′ zipper
Queen: 5 yards fabric, 41′ zipper
Eastern King: 6 yards fabric, 46′ zipper

Useful Links

If you would like zipper and pulls, visit their product page.

If you want fabric and zipper included with the pattern, visit the Pattern Kit product.

If you want to see the pattern for our Knit Ticking without the expansion pocket, visit its product page.

If you want a pattern for a custom size, contact us for your custom cutting dimensions.

This item will not ship to you.  It is downloadable from either your account or the page after you checkout.