Edge Model 10 Band Saw for Sale

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Do you know of anyone looking to buy a saw? This Edge Model 10 band saw can slit a King sized latex mattress in just one pass. It cuts cleanly and quickly and is a well-known brand. It is perfect for a small upholstery or bedding business. If it can cut the floppy latex, it most certainly can cut crisp poly foam.

A number of you have latex cut with this machine, those of you who stopped by my showrooom of a living room in Crystal, MN when it was there. Now the showroom has moved to our workroom in Brooklyn Park.

I thought this machine would help take the business a particular direction, but I think the direction we need to go will be without it.

This is a Buy it to Last machine, built circa 1975. It is in great upkept condition. They just don’t make teal machines anymore. 🙂

See its listing it here.

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