• Custom Latex Cuts
  • Test it Out
  • All Natural Bedding
  • Sew it Yourself or with our Help
  • From Farm To Bed

Step 1: Choose Your Supplies

Choose Supplies:  Step One

Choose the fill for your mattress or pillow.  Do you want to sleep on natural latex slabs or wool or both?  Do you want to make a pillow of millet hulls, kapok fiber or shredded latex?  

Step 2: Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up: Step Two

Choose the cases you want to wrap your fill in.  Do you want a washable knit ticking or quilted wool pillow case? Use our helpful FAQ and product guides to make an educated decision.

Step 3: Put It All Together

Put It All Together: Step Three

Take part in the process. How hands on would you like to be?  Do you want to sew from a pattern and use our GOTS organic fabric and supplies or would you like us to sew your custom piece for you?