• Custom Latex Cuts
  • Test it Out
  • All Natural Bedding
  • Sew it Yourself or with our Help
  • From Farm To Bed

Step 1: Choose Your Supplies

shredded natural latex fill

Choose the fill for your mattress or pillow.  Do you want to sleep on natural latex slabs or wool or both?  Do you want to make a pillow of millet hulls, kapok fiber or shredded latex?  

Step 2: Wrap It Up


Choose the cases you want to wrap your fill in.  Do you want a washable knit ticking or quilted wool pillow case? Use our helpful FAQ and product guides to make an educated decision.

Step 3: Put It All Together

expandable GOTS organic cotton knit ticking open

Take part in the process. How hands on would you like to be?  Do you want to sew from a pattern and use our GOTS organic fabric and supplies or would you like us to sew your custom piece for you?